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The massage lasts for an hour minimum. It depends on your body's needs, the time you have, and most importantly, how much of a gentleman you are. I strive to create an experience you will want to enjoy regularly. The nudity and lack of draping creates soothing skin on skin contact. this is deeply healing and just plain old awesome and sexy. One of the techniques I use involve moving the body and using both your weight and mine to coax the body into alignment. This can be an intimate experience with clothing on. ;-) I have this as a legitimate skill, and practice with my clothes on as well. I just find naked to be a lot more fun! I love to cuddle and talk and get to know new people.
I'm never in a rush, but I'm always timely. The quality I have to offer you is worth the price. Please note, that this is not a ‘full service’ offer, I do not offer any kind of sexual release.
We offer a unique Alternative Erotic performance catered to your desires as we are both intimate performers. I am naturally submissive and like to be told what to do. My master is an amazing rigger and Dom. He has complete control over me. I have entered into a contract of consensual slavery to my master, and I am to do everything he desires. He has instructed me that he is going to push my limits in all directions; therefore we are offering a variety of BDSM activities including a dynamic bondage show with full suspension and spanking, tickling, crops, whips, humiliation, foot worship, and a variety of fantasy role play with the wardrobe to match. I will be required to do nude deep tissue massage, pole and lap dancing. This involves heavy contact, and is inherently sexual. We bring a variety of toys for play and could even perform a live sex show. I am extremely submissive and available to be Dommed on a case by case basis under my master’s supervision. Pictures and video are allowed and encouraged. We are Class A exhibitionists, and love to please! The typical show will start with exotic dance some flirting and lap dancing transitioning into simple ties leading into more constricting complicated ties and then into suspension. My master will determine your involvement based on your level of experience and my safety. My style is fun and candid. I’m comfortable with a guest interacting with my bound body. I want to be tied, spanked, choked and whipped. Serious inquiries only please.
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I Consider myself to be a professional Sexual Deviant, a muse, an artist and a healer. I'm a Class A exhibitionist, and I enjoy my sessions as much as my guests do. I'm all about Freedom of sexual expression. Anything between Consenting adults is fine and healthy. Sexuality is a legitimate art subject and a medium for healing. It's part of us and it's there for a reason. I am here to help you explore your sensual fantasies and mine. I don't know if I like it till I try it. I've found I catch fetishes from other people. I'm a true switch. I'm very submissive but enjoy making others submit to me.
I like to be treated like a real Goddess. This means you take me out on a date. I love to be spoiled and surprised. I will allow you to explore your personal fantasies of worshiping an adorable princess such as myself. You will receive punishment with implements and toys of my choosing. I love to be caressed, massaged, my hair played with and you will look up at me and admire every part of my body. I take pleasure in dominating you from loving caring Dom to unforgiving and degrading. After you have bent to my power, I will take you up into my caring skillful hands, ease tension from your muscles and make sure everything is okay.
 This service is only an offer of time and company with a Dominant woman.
I feel blessed to be able to make my living with my art, and I love making art with my body. I'm easy going, open to suggestion, love to have fun, love life and love what I do! I have an endless array of looks. I'm very expressive and versatile. I'm fun and easy to work with and I love performing for the camera. I'm a shameless show off really. I have an obsession with nude photography. I think it's a woman's softness. It really comes through when she has nothing on. My latest obsession has been the bound female form. I find freedom of expression in bondage. I don't feel like the human body is a thing to be covered except from weather. It's art to be displayed and why can't art be Sexy? Who wrote that rule? I'm sexy, sensual, sexual and sweet as hell to boot! I'm very natural and relaxed with both still and video. I'm always looking forward to meeting and working with fellow artists!
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