Suspension Bondage
Thank you for your interest. Let me explain what I do.
 I am out of Manchester and can travel up to an hour. (incall and outcall) The incall location is in Manchester.  We are offering a unique Alternative Erotic performance catered to your desires. I am an established fetish model and we are both intimate performers. I am an accomplished dancer, stripper, massage therapist and sexual deviant. But most importantly, I am naturally submissive and like to be told what to do. My master is an amazing rigger and Dom. He has complete control over me. I have entered into a contract of consensual slavery to my master, and I am to do everything and service every one he desires. He has instructed me that he is going to push my limits in all directions; therefore we are offering a variety of BDSM activities including a dynamic bondage show with full suspension and bare handed spanking, tickling, crops, whips, humiliation, foot worship, and a variety of fantasy role play with the wardrobe to match. School girl, secretary, damsel in distress, arrested sweetheart and more.  I will be required to do nude deep tissue massage, pole and lap dancing. This involves heavy contact, and is inherently sexual. We bring a variety of toys for anal and vaginal play, and could even perform a live sex show. I am extremely submissive and available to be Dommed on a case by case basis only under my master’s supervision. It is his job to protect and care for me.  I am not available to be Dommed alone. Do not even ask.  Pictures and video are allowed and encouraged. We are Class A exhibitionists, and love to please!
 We bring a bottle of champagne to enjoy together while we establish safety and boundaries. We will discuss what your fantasies are and how we can cater to them. The typical show will start with exotic dance some flirting and lap dancing transitioning into simple ties with some s&m and impact play leading into more constricting complicated ties and then into suspension. Every show is different and catered to your desires and could include Stripping, Lap Dancing, Bondage, Humiliation, Masturbation, Live Sex Show, Massage, Impact play, S&M, Dominance, Submission, Foot Worship, Ball Gags, Choking, Role Play, Collaring, Control, Cosplay, Cuddling, Dildos, But Plugs, Punishment, Discipline, Pet Play etc. etc. and much more. My master will determine your involvement based on your level of experience and my safety. He will most likely hand me over to you for a while and get out of the way. He is responsible for me and my safety but also very laid back and creative. My style is fun and candid. I’m comfortable with a guest interacting with my bound body, I need to be told what to do, humiliated and treated like a whore. I want to be tied, spanked, choked and whipped. I will do anything to please my master.
We ask for a $300 donation per session. A session involves plenty of play, and lots of down time to share drinks and conversation. Please note, that this is not a full service ‘offer; it does not guarantee any kind of sexual release. As over the top as we can get, we still expect respect from all of our guests.  Serious inquiries only please.  Thank you for time and interest,  Sarah Strawberries 
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